Support Hillsdale Academy

Planning for the Future of Hillsdale Academy

Hundreds of generous donors have helped Hillsdale Academy to achieve success since the school was founded in 1990. To ensure future accomplishments and growth, Hillsdale College will continue to raise annual and endowment support for general operations, student scholarships, capital projects and staff expansion. In order to fulfill the ongoing mission of Hillsdale Academy, Hillsdale College plans for the future of its model school and seeks financial support that will help to reinforce the timeless principles of classical education, both in Hillsdale and throughout the United States.

You may give a gift online using this secure form. If you wish to contribute via credit card over the telephone, please call 1-800-437-2268 and indicate that your gift should be designated to Hillsdale Academy.

Annual Operating and Outreach Support

Each year, Hillsdale College must raise more than $300,000, over and above the cost of tuition that parents and families provide, to operate Hillsdale Academy and to disseminate the Academy’s curriculum and school culture to a national audience. The annual budget includes about $100,000 to market and distribute the Hillsdale Academy Reference Guide for Grades K-8 and 9-12, making these comprehensive resources available for parents, teachers, school administrators and others who are concerned about the education of children.


At the present time, about 70 percent of Hillsdale Academy families receive some form of financial aid for their children. For the 2012-2013 academic year, scholarship aid is projected to be about $126,500. The school is committed to provide assistance for any child who desires to attend Hillsdale Academy. An endowment totaling $1 million, raised over the next five years, will provide a greater number of student scholarships.

Capital Projects

Hillsdale Academy is near capacity, with lengthy waiting lists for Grades K-8. Discussions have begun about separating the clustered Lower School classes so that more families may enroll their children at Hillsdale Academy. Individual classes in the Lower School would require four additional classrooms. Currently, there is no music room at the Academy. Because the study of fine arts is an essential part of a classical education, a music room to better facilitate choral and instrumental instruction would be an important addition to the existing facilities. Within the next five years, approximately $2 million would be required for these capital projects.

Staff Expansion

Four additional teachers would be required when the clustered Lower School grades are divided, in order to maintain the low student-to-teacher ratio for personalized instruction. The school presently employs a number of part-time faculty. To strengthen its classical liberal arts curriculum, Hillsdale Academy desires full-time faculty in the positions of music and art, as well as a full-time librarian. The Upper School would also benefit with the addition of a French and Spanish teacher. Endowing a current or new teaching position requires $500,000 to $800,000.