About Hillsdale Academy

Hillsdale Academy is a private classical Christian school owned and operated by Hillsdale College. Located in Hillsdale, Michigan, we serve over 300 students in grades K-12. The Academy accepts no federal or state funding and has broad independence in the design and implementation of its programs.

A young student with an art teacher

Educational Philosophy

Our motto, Virtus et Sapientia (Virtue and Wisdom), encapsulates our belief that by training students in the theological, moral, intellectual, and civic virtues we are equipping them to live well-ordered lives as human beings and as citizens.

Faith & Community

As a part of Hillsdale College, the Academy is a nonsectarian Christian institution that recognizes the central role of religious instruction in a liberal arts education. Like the college, we maintain and teach, by precept and example, the immemorial teachings and practices of the Christian faith.

At Hillsdale Academy, we believe that education is about more than just preparing for college or getting a good job.

Rather, as the centuries-old tradition of classical Christian education has understood, education is about cultivating students into a certain kind of human being. It is about training their minds and directing their souls such that they become men and women who love the right things and are characterized by virtue and wisdom. These are the goals that define a Hillsdale Academy education. We invite you to come see what happens when you expect more.

— Headmaster, Michael Roberts

Colt Athletics and Student Life


The Hillsdale Academy Colts have a long tradition of athletic success.

Activities & Clubs

Hillsdale Academy offers a variety of activities and clubs outside the classroom that help our students grow socially, spiritually, and intellectually.

Academic Opportunities

We share a belief in what is noblest and best.


The highly qualified faculty of Hillsdale Academy represents a wide range of educational and professional experience.

Fine Arts

Through studying the fine arts, our students learn to recognize beauty, order, and harmony in the world around them.

College Readiness

At Hillsdale Academy, we equip students to continue their academic journey once they leave our school.

Visit the Academy

See for yourself how Hillsdale Academy can help your child lead a life of virtue and wisdom.

We welcome you to tour our school to learn more about our program, observe a classroom lesson, and meet our faculty and staff.

To schedule a visit, contact the Academy office.

(517) 439-8644
1 Academy Lane, Hillsdale, MI 49242
[email protected]

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