Graduation Requirements

Upper-school students at Hillsdale Academy follow a common, college preparatory course of study. This includes four years each of Humane Letters (history and literature, including civics and economics in the senior year), Latin, laboratory science and mathematics (in addition to Algebra I which is taught in eighth grade). Students are also required to complete the following: two years of art, music and physical education. After completing pertinent courses, students may elect to take Advanced Placement examinations in United States history, chemistry, biology, physics, calculus, English Literature, French Language, and Latin. Drama, orchestra and Chamber Choir are offered as electives all four years of high school.

To receive a diploma, a student must maintain a minimum overall grade point average of C- (1.67) as well as fulfilling a minimum attainment level of C- (1.67) in Latin 2, Algebra 2 and American civics/economics.

9th Grade Required Courses

  • Ancient History
  • Ancient Literature
  • Grammar
  • Biology
  • Latin 1
  • Geometry (prerequisite: C- or above in Algebra 1)
  • Art/Choir
  • P.E.

10th Grade Required Courses

  • European History
  • Medieval Literature
  • Physics (prerequisite: C- or above in Biology)
  • Latin 2 (prerequisite: C- or above in Latin 1)
  • Algebra 2 (prerequisite: C- or above in Geometry)
  • Art/Choir
  • P.E.

11th Grade Required Courses

  • American History
  • American Literature
  • Chemistry (prerequisite: C- or above in Physics)
  • Latin 3 (prerequisite: C- or above in Latin 2)
  • Advanced Math (prerequisite: C- or above in Algebra 2)

12th Grade Required Courses

  • American Civics and Economics
  • Modern Literature
  • Advanced Biology or Advanced Physics (prerequisite: C- or above in Chemistry)
  • Latin 4 (prerequisite: C- or above in Latin 3)
  • Calculus (prerequisite: C- or above in Advanced Math)