Meet the Faculty

The highly qualified faculty of Hillsdale Academy represents a wide range of educational and personal experience. Students reap the benefits of individualized attention in the classroom, as the student-teacher ratio in the Upper School is 10:1 and the average class size is twenty.

  First Last Position Room Ext. Email
Dr. David Diener Headmaster; Lecturing Professor of Education Office Suite 3302
Mr. Michael Roberts Assistant Headmaster; Athletic Director; History Office Suite 3331
Mrs. Teresa Heckenlively Administrative Aide Office Suite 3328
Mrs. Pam Wonders Administrative Aide Office Suite 3301
Mr. Ross Bonjernoor Music/Orchestra/Band/Choir 101 3324
Mrs.  Carie Brown Kindergarten 102 3319
Mrs. Julie Budd Eighth Grade 206 3316
Dr. Kenneth Calvert Ancient History  
Dr. Ellen Condict Arts Division/Literature 203 3314
Miss Deanna Ducher Guidance Counselor; History Office Suite 3315
Mr. Brent Falke Seventh Grade 105 3323
Mr. Christopher Heckel Science Division 202 3312
Mr. Andrew Holm Latin 204 3329
Ms. Katherine Huffman Math/PE 202
Mrs. Heather Miller First/Second Grade 103 3320
Mr. Michael Nikkila Science Division 205 3317


Lisa Roberts L.S. Math/Science


Charyl Sanford Third/Fourth Grade 104 3321
Mrs. Karen Somerville Fifth/Sixth Grade 106 3322
Dr. Charles Blood


Mrs. Jackie Blood Math/Lower School Support Conf Room
Mrs. Patti Pewe French Instructor
Mrs. Rita Jenkins PE/Swimming Gym/Pool 3159
Mrs. Kim Miller Library Library 3332
Mrs. Jennifer Lehman Art 101 3324
Mrs. Kristie McArthur Lower School Support
Mrs. Christina Pongracic French Instructor 201 3326
Mrs. Kathryn Wales Drama Theater Director 101
Mrs. Sumer Wells Freshman Literature 206