In 1995, Hillsdale College introduced the Hillsdale Academy Reference Guide as an educational resource for those interested in drawing upon the Academy’s time-tested K-12 program. Within two years, reference guides had been sold in all fifty states and more than 10 foreign countries, and schools, both old and new, were following the Hillsdale model.

In keeping with the Academy’s mission to be a model for American education reform, Hillsdale College now offers the complete Hillsdale Academy Reference Guide online. Parents and educators can access the Academy’s K-12 curriculum, browse through the student/parent handbook, and learn how to implement the Academy’s school culture. The contents include the following:

  • Introduction
  • School Culture
  • Curriculum (K-8 or 9-12)
  • Weekly Outlines (K-8)
  • Course Syllabi (9-12)
  • Reading Lists
  • Bibliography
  • Additional Titles List
  • Publishers List
  • Parents' Handbook
  • Faculty Handbook

For your convenience, both Reference Guides are available in Adobe Acrobat format.

You may find it helpful to view our short introductory video before using the Hillsdale Academy Reference Guide.