$25,000 Teaching Award

Excellence in Teaching Application

Please select one teacher to complete the requested information below on behalf of your school. Answers should be typed on separate sheets of paper and limited to a maximum of four, double-spaced pages with the teacher’s name, address and home and office telephone numbers on each page. Supporting documents are welcome, and teachers are encouraged to include personal examples whenever appropriate. The application should be submitted between December 1 and February 1.

  1. Academic Portfolio
    1. Teaching Development

      How are the principles set forth in the Hillsdale Academy Reference Guide reflected in your teachers’ instructional methods and content?

    2. Student Performance

      Describe how these principles have changed your students’ performance. This change should be documented whenever possible. You may wish to submit test results or student essays.

    3. School Enhancement

      How has your use of these principles influenced the overall attitude of the faculty and students toward learning?

  2. Morals and Standards
    1. Morals

      An important component of the Hillsdale Academy Reference Guide stresses moral integrity among children. Give us an anecdotal summary of how the Guide influences your students’ personal growth as responsible citizens. For example, adoption of a dress code may improve self-respect; use of an honor code may promote individual character.

    2. Standards

      How are the principles set forth in the Hillsdale Academy Reference Guide reflected in the established standards for your academic program? Please share information you believe supports these standards, such as monthly citizenship awards, voluntary and community service by students, or a peer-tutoring program. Include any letters of recommendation from outside sources that you deem helpful.

  3. Institutional Vision
    1. Mission Statement

      Quote your school’s mission statement. How does this statement have a direct impact on your students?

    2. Strengths

      Identify your school’s salient strengths. How has application of the principles set forth in the Hillsdale Academy Reference Guide helped?

    3. Weaknesses

      Identify your school’s prevailing weakness(es). How might the principles found in the Hillsdale Academy Reference Guide help?

Mail the completed application form and documents to:

Hillsdale College
Attn: External Affairs
33 East College St.
Hillsdale, MI 49242

A panel of judges will review all submissions and select two finalists by May 1. Site visits to the two selected schools will be made during the month of May by a representative of the panel. You will be notified of Hillsdale College's final decision by June 1.

Due to the number of responses, please keep copies of your application for your files. We regret that we cannot return any submissions.