Parents’ Association

All parents of Hillsdale Academy students are members of the Parents’ Association, which exists to promote friendly relationships among parents, to acquaint them with the spirit of Hillsdale Academy, to obtain their cooperation with its objectives for the development of their children and to initiate parents’ involvement in, and support for, projects and functions which aid the Academy academically, socially and financially.

The Hillsdale Academy Parents’ Association (HAPA) also serves the important function of communicating ideas, concerns and support to the administration and faculty of Hillsdale Academy. The HAPA president and officers meet once a month to discuss the Association’s fundraising activities as well as extra-curricular events planned and coordinated by its officers and members. The HAPA is also an important means of communication to the administration of the Academy. Each month, the headmaster and assistant headmaster submit reports regarding the health of the school. At these meetings it is possible for parents to ask appropriate questions of the administration regarding any aspect of school operations. The president of the Association stays in consistent contact with the administration and with parents.

The overall mission of the Hillsdale Academy Parents’ Association is:

  1. To facilitate communication between Academy faculty, staff and parents.
  2. To help parents understand the fundamental premises upon which the Academy functions.
  3. To schedule, promote and host student and parent activities.
  4. To welcome new parents into the Association and to instill in the new parents the need for their continued involvement in and support of the Academy.
  5. To encourage pride in the children and in the Academy.
  6. To assist the Academy in promoting its reputation in the Hillsdale community.

HAPA Grants

Monetary grants are available to teachers and Academy staff members for curricular and extra-curricular activities. Each year the HAPA assists in a variety of field trips, social events and the 8th grade trip to Stratford, Ontario, for the annual Shakespeare festival. Grant request forms are available through the Academy front office.

2019-2020 Parents Association Officers

  • President: Roberta Jennings
  • Vice President: Teresa Heckenlively
  • Treasurer: Melissa Smith
  • Secretary: Amber Pond
  • Representative at Large: Torrie Sanger
  • Representative at Large: Mary Welden