Student Biographies

Augustine SiegelAugustine Siegel

Augustine Siegel is a member of the 7th grade class. His father, Prof. Harold Siegel, teaches ancient history at Hillsdale College. His sister, Gretchen, is a student in the Academy fifth grade and his little brother, Jerome, is in first grade. Augustine’s 12 years have been filled with study, travel and soccer. His father’s studies in Germany allowed Augustine the opportunity to become acquainted with soccer (or football!). His excellent power of memorization not only makes Augustine a very fine student, but an expert in his favorite soccer stars and teams. His energy and excellent attitude toward study make Augustine a very fine student.

Sabeek PradhanSabeek Pradhan

Sabeek is a senior and hails from Coldwater, Michigan, where his mother and father work as physicians. Sabeek’s parents are from Nepal and studied in England before coming to the United States with their newborn son. Sabeek has many interests, including the study of piano. Last year he won a competition for youth composers sponsored by the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra. Beyond his musical interests, Sabeek has excelled in mathematics as well as nearly every other subject. It is our great pleasure to announce that Sabeek has been selected as a candidate for the United States Presidential Scholarship. This scholarship was established in 1964. Each year, around 140 Presidential Scholars are chosen from approximately 3,000 candidates. This means that Sabeek has been chosen as a candidate from among well over 1.5 million high school seniors in the United States. We are very proud; congratulations, Sabeek!