Hillsdale Academy added its Upper School in 1999 and saw its first senior class graduate in 2001. Since that time, the Upper School has continued to grow and gain recognition for its rigorous curriculum and increasingly successful sports program. Our alumni testify to the benefits of the Academy’s program and its effectiveness in preparing them for college:

“Having attended both Hillsdale Academy and public schools, I can honestly say that my education at Hillsdale Academy better prepared me for higher learning and life afterwards than other schools might have done. While at the Academy, I was exposed to the time-tested methods of a rigorous liberal arts education firmly rooted in the Western Tradition—a far cry from the material and teaching philosophy present in so many of our schools today. This unabridged exposure to the great ideas of our past, coupled with the motivation to work hard and preserve, truly prepared me for the next step in my education.”

-Jon Weigle, 2008 graduate
Hillsdale College
“The Academy prepared me well for college by opening my mind to a world where learning and scholarship were important and valued, and where the pursuit of something higher was admirable and to be commended. At the Academy I was surrounded by people who were intelligent, interested and supportive, and who looked on my intellectual curiosity as something to encourage. This has prepared me well for the rigors of academic life, making me confident to pursue my passion for a field outside of the normal, run-of-the-mill majors. But what I appreciate most about the Academy is that there, I felt as if I were amongst only friends.”

-Elizabeth Wolfram, 2001 graduate
University of Michigan
“I entered UNC in the fall of 2002 as a sophomore in standing because of all of the Advance Placement (AP) exams I completed at Hillsdale Academy, including French, biology, Latin and English. UNC accepted 20 hours of AP credits, so I didn’t have to take some of the freshman survey courses required for most students. The college workload felt pretty much the same as the Academy workload; the Upper School’s rigorous classroom experience is similar to a college environment.”

-Erin Somerville, 2002 graduate
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
“There is no possible way that I could be thriving as I am here at Hillsdale [College] without my Academy education. I had a heads-up on the competition here, especially in English, because I had previously read a good portion of the required freshman literature. Also, the personal relationships I cultivated at the Academy have made me a much stronger person than I was before I came to the Academy (in 1999). I feel confident to be myself, and the Academy’s small, family-like environment really helped.”

-Michelle Long, 2003 graduate
Hillsdale College